High Marks: Audible Impact

High Marks, an unconventional project based in Forest Grove, Oregon, has been releasing demanding post punk sounds for over fifteen years. Propitious Artifacts will release their new album, Rake Me Over The Coals Tonight, on January 27th, 2023.

Rake Me Over the Coals Tonight comes after the release of Corrosion is the Monument in 2020 and the single When I'm a Mess from 2022. This album takes an atmospheric industrial approach and offers a completely new interpretation of the artist's gothic, minimalist post punk.

This album was created over the course of numerous sessions in various studios, with the majority of the work being done close to High Marks' new home in rural Oregon. Longtime collaborators David Mansfield (Stranded) and SIMNs (downers.) as well as more recent accomplices Travis Kuhlman (Yellow Bulb., DUG) and Reila (Obsidian PrintCo) worked on this project with High Marks.

High Marks gave his new work that title as an extended metaphor to his propensity to stay up all night, critiquing himself. The album delves into intense subjects like "Police Brutality and Personal Accountability to One's Feelings." Despite being among the shorter High Marks records, this one is among the most personable due to its diversity.

With its driving character up front and its general obscurity creating a lovely contrast to its tuneful, repetitive melody, Audible Impact strikes as a deeply obscure and blunt post punk number.

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