4.5F: Oasis

Korean indie rock group 4.5F emerge based in Busan. Although they initially drew inspiration from British shoegaze innovators like My Bloody Valentine and The Verve, their emotionally loaded musicianship also shows influences from their childhood soundtracks, such as Korean ballads and scores by Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi.

Concrete Desert, the first full-length album by 4.5F, tells the tale of enigmatic feelings occurring in a fictitious world.

Off the album comes the latest single, Oasis, a mesmeric shoegaze track about a frail girl who longs for hope that constantly seems to vanish. Guitar and synthesizer noises surround the hazy vocals, adding to the song's overarching illusory tone. The track sounds much more upbeat than dejected ultimately, owing to the upbeat drums, which diverge from the reserved voice and broad sense melancholy.

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