The Empty Threats: Boys in the Gutter

The Empty Threats, a rising post punk quintet from South Australia's Kaurna Land/Adelaide music scene, bring forth a pretty dynamic and nervy take on the genre, with their sound uniting an array of influences, borrowing from different styles. The band has developed a reputation for themselves as a live act, and they are set to release their debut album, Monstertruck Mondays, which is preceded by the single, Boys in the Gutter.

Guitarist Matt Shultz produced the track in the band's home studio, and it was mastered by Matt Colton of Metropolis Studios.

Commenting on the song, The Empty Threats say: "Boys in the Gutter is a song that outlines the struggle in America at the moment regarding abortion rights, and on how harmful a decision made by a select few can be towards bodily autonomy rights, not only just in America."

Boys in the Gutter is a robust cut of noise rock acidity and strong radical spirit which makes a great first impression for the upcoming album. The song comes with a well-made video directed by Conor Mercury.

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