Poisoned Hestia: Stitches

All the Way Down is the second full length release since the resurrection of German gothic rockers Poisoned Hestia, and a record which neatly exhibits the band's grittier side.

The band's new material conveys a nineties feel merged with their usual dark rock sound, and at the same time it demonstrates how Poisoned Hestia have progressed since their earlier stages, particularly in the fields of composition and arrangement.

There is a recurring motif of numerous apocalyptic scenes all across the album, and in addition, the lyrics discuss mental illness, megalomania, voodoo, cultism, and false religious beliefs. 

Stitches is the new album's second single and video. The song is an illusory hard rock cut cloaked in darkness and a deathlike atmosphere, accompanied by a new official video of equivalent aesthetics.

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