Nat Evans: Trio

Contemporary composer, Nat Evans, has released the new album, My Old Friend Death, through Circuit Church, mastered by Jamie Vance. The album is a spacious work of beautiful ambiance and instrumental competence, composed of five pieces framed with contemplation and eloquence.

The new album features an impressive lineup of collaborating performers, including cellist Lori Goldston, whose work has included such artists as Nirvana, Earth and many others, and guitarist Will Hayes, who has worked on the score to the cult film Mandy and on Myrkur’s Mareridt album. The album also includes recorded chants from Soto Zen priest Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi, a frequent visitor to the San Francisco Zen Center and abbot of the Rinso-in temple in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, a temple in the line of Zen Buddhism in which Nat also practices.

Trio begins the album in a riveting and captivating manner, with Goldston's cello at the forefront and Evans' contented composition holding the listener's attention for the complete seven-minute duration.

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