Lost Baron: Dark Messiah

After self-releasing two EPs, Kelder in 2015 and Bastard Blood in 2017, Belgian act Lost Baron are set to release their debut album, Dark Messiah, which features more of their varying heaviness, combining elements from black metal, stoner rock, and hardcore.

A concise record which clocks in at 32 minutes, Dark Messiah is a titan of weightiness and vitality, recalling the ferocity of bands like High On Fire, Kylesa, Black Tusk, and much from the sludgier side of stoner metal.

The album's opener and title track exemplifies the intensity in the band's songwriting, as they successfully come up with something equally melodious and brutal. It's a volatile guitar-driven track with robust and abrasive vocals and superb production.

Entering a new era for the band as a trio composed of Jannick Verlinde (guitars, vocals), Bert Dewaele (bass, vocals) and Dieter Lafaut (drums), Lost Baron have a clear showcase of their dynamism in their hands in the form of a commendable debut album, and everything about them seems really promising.

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