Dänmark: The 10 Days it Takes to Plan a Funeral

The newest single by Brisbane-based alternative rockers, Dänmark, is the incredibly somber The 10 Days it Takes to Plan a Funeral, a deeply emotional track which reflects on the loss of a friend, and it comes obviously pretty dark-hued.

The song, which is equivalent to the band's classic emo rock approach and sound, takes cues from the genre's earlier years and is essentially an extension of the what this form of alternative rock used to be in the nineties.

The 10 Days it Takes to Plan a Funeral depicts the experience of becoming prepared to begin again after a loss, and broods on how simple the connections were, being as an entire a very evocative and personable piece.

The video which comes with the song was filmed by Mark Irons and Paul Voge at Base Camp and its surroundings.

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