Aversions: New Whip

East Vancouver band, Aversions, continue with their idealistic mixture of heavy noise rock, post hardcore and post punk sounds with the release of a strong new single and its very well made accompanying video. New Whip is based on an intriguing theme to which a large portion of the population can relate. The song is loosely based on Nate Powell's visual essay About Face, which examines the connections between consumer culture and the military industrial complex.

The song examines how generational reasoning defines the people we get to be, as well as the beliefs we'll make major efforts to impose. New Whip puts the spotlight on how toxic masculinity is transmitted like a gene, by way of a man's attention of his new truck; a relatively anodyne object which serves a darker objective.

With a honed and solid sound founded on noise rock intensity, Aversions don't keep things simple, instead they and develop a commanding piece of work which demands full attention, with their biting lyricism in the center of attention.

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