Pile: Loops

Pile are gearing up for the release of their eighth album, All Fiction, with the explosive new single, Loops, and its accompanying video. Rick Maguire questions his motivations as a songwriter in the new song, examining the line between his experiences and stressful situations.

Throughout most of Pile's existence, I've used songwriting as a means to work through personal issues and to express uncomfortable feelings in what I've perceived to be a healthy form of processing emotions. While doing this I've also been working hard to create a career in writing music,” Maguire explains. “The song Loops is about the confusion I've experienced in the place where those two roads meet, and reflecting on whether what I'm creating is for personal growth or for personal gain has ended up leading to more questions than answers.

All Fiction, whose title refers to "the lack of any objective reality" and the anxieties that come with sorting truth from fiction, is a record that Maguire sees as Pile's most vulnerable, despite his acceptance of symbolic lyricism.

Loop is a dynamic, psychedelic noise rocker with good ear for melody and a lot of visceral honesty in both its lyrical direction and the band's execution.

All Fiction is expected to be an intricately carved and meticulously paced examination of the relativism of perception, the data-shaping authoritarianism of information technology, and the links between anxiety and death. 

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