Die Sünde: Strega

Italian band Die Sünde formed in 2018 with their members coming from various musical backgrounds, including post hardcore, post metal, stoner rock, doom metal and post rock. The band's sound is the result of incorporating components from their vast range of influences, and combining them to produce a distinctive outcome which fits within their context and creative aim.

As they put it: "The lyrics and the music are the representation of the “worst”: the worst feeling, the worst situation, where you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and where the pain is bigger than the anger itself."

The band's new release, Strega, is a twenty-minute epic with an intriguing concept, themed on nature and the circle of life, presenting in three acts the organic way in which nature fights humanity's disease in order to reclaim its environment. Passages of progressive rock, doom and sludge metal, noise rock, and post rock integrate in an astounding way to create something incredibly vibrant and picturesque, all pristinely produced and performed with full devotion.

Die Sünde's creative statement which accompanies their release concludes, bringing the essence of Strega to a concise paragraph: "Power to women, to spiritual freedom and to Nature, which have always been frowned upon, misunderstood and demonized by the ignorance of the centuries of “evolution”, mystified, tortured, raped and repressed. They must be glorified, listened to and protected as the only key to life itself, as the only ones capable of generating it, as the only ones capable of creating a balance of growth and a true future for the world."

Die Sünde realize an age-old concept with solemnity and massive amounts of innate energy, outlining its importance with electric atmosphere, skillful musicality, and overall poignancy.

Strega is out through Drown Within Records, Ripcord Records and Violence In The Veins Records.

Band photo by Ilenia Urso

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