Zetra: Satellite

Satellite is a stunning example of Zetra's majestic blend of metal weightiness and shoegaze melancholy, paired with a fantastic looking video of red and black surrealistic visuals, all steeped in goth aesthetics.

Zetra's statement: "A streak of flame across the night sky. Those Who Watch ponder its meaning: is it something to fear, a harbinger of things to come? Or perhaps a message of hope from those who dared to break free from their terrestrial bonds.

The Satellite knows better.

The Satellite understands the futility of escape.

Gaia’s grip is too strong to break free, yet too weak to force a cataclysm.

To float ever between worlds, or descend once more to certain death.

A choice must be made."

Having released a series of incredible singles in a row, Zetra consistently generate a sound that is both idyllic and elusive, and feels completely tuneful, enveloping, and equally gripping every single time.

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