Viserion: The Wraith

Viserion debuted in 2019, making an impression on the extreme metal scene with their brutal and genre-fusing sound, most notably performing at the legendary Saint Vitus Bar. The band mention influence from Darkthrone, Watain, Agalloch, and Harakiri for the Sky, among others, and come forth with their own blend of black metal, grindcore, death metal and more creative directions.

The quartet's ferocious debut, the Death Dealer EP, was released in January 2020, followed quickly by the praised full-length Natural Selection in 2021.

The Wraith, featuring the great and late Trevor Strnad of Black Dahlia Murder, is a source of fiery and raw energy, bringing forth a distinct, brutal kind of unparalleled blackness. Viserion smartly embody darkness from differing viewpoints, with a jagged kind of severity being always present in their music.

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