Total Chroma: Northen Lights

Total Chroma, the creation of Canadian Minimal synth artist Robert Katerwol, takes inspiration from Italo disco, classic EBM, minimal wave, and post punk, to create a genre-bending mix.

Katerwol has shared stages with acts such as Lebanon Hanover, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, She Past Away, Boy Harsher, Youth Code, Drab Majesty, and many others, and continues to deliver engaging singles, always with a dark tone.

Northern Lights is an existentialist expression that delves into the nature of self, ego, and the writer's previous unsuccessful attempts to achieve joy and inner peace. With an intriguing theme, a cold lyrical approach and focus on imagery from the Sami "Lapland" landscape, the song compels by way of both its poetry and potent musicianship. The strong and repetitive words aim to cast an entrancing trance over the listener, in the hopes of invoking temporary "Ego death."

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