Syzygy: Soothe

Anchor and Adjust, the debut album by Australian synthpop duo, Syzygy, has been released in its entirety following a set of captivating singles which defined the band's sound and intent. Based on intriguing subjects and lyrical themes, as well as brazen pop sensibilities in their compositional style and creative angle, the album is a genre mixing endeavor, though its moody synthpop foundation remains constant.

Syzygy's Rebecca Maher describes: “I was speaking to myself, through myself. Both aware of having these feelings and disconnected from how they were making me feel. Making this record allowed me to create order and meaning. It was both my wake up call and my pep talk for changes I desperately needed in my life.

Focus track, Soothe, is unquestionably a fine representation of the band's artistic output and sound.

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