Stainwasher: See Thee

Stainwasher moved up to prominence as one of Sweden's most hopeful experimental acts after the release of the debut EP What Did I See in 2019. “I never question if presenting my music to the world was a good idea anymore, the feedback makes it all worth it,” she says about the response.

The Outer Layer is Stainwasher's recently released debut album, a new offering of the musician's dreamlike soundscapes which seamlessly integrate with slowcore and post rock aspects. Finished with a shadowy and nearly sarcastic lyrical approach which contributes to making Stainwasher's distinct bright vocal tone even more affecting, the project's new work is undoubtedly fine tuned, worthy of being discovered and recognized.

The idyllic, melodic, and mystifyingly obscure See Thee, is a focus track on the new record, with swarms with beautiful airiness. Stainwasher explains: "See Thee is a slow dark dream that shows my love for choirs and organ while telling a story about obstacles that I felt prevented me in life."

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