SOFT VEIN is the solo project of California-based musician, Justin Chamberlain, who arrives with an impressive first single, blending industrial, darkwave and electronic elements. GIVEUPTHEGHOST is self-produced and mixed/mastered by Ewan Kay (KONTRAVOID).  

Chamberlain also performs as a live member of synthpop act Harsh Symmetry on guitar and synth, and founded SOFT VEIN in 2022 as a personal creative outlet to make music about desire, love, and the human condition. GIVEUPTHEGHOST is a gloomy and propulsive darkwave number which defines the fresh project's objective, and exudes a lot of emotionalism and darkness.

Chamberlain unfolds: “This project is a culmination of darker influences and life experiences. I wanted to make music that could feel sort of cold and industrial, but brooding and romantic at the same time; sort of a duality…so it made sense to me that my first single would be this song about love and obsession that will slowly kill you if you don’t kill it first.

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