Sloe Noon: Phthonus

Having started from Brighton, UK, now based in Dortmund, Germany, Sloe Noon evolved from the solo project of Anna Olive’s songwriting to a fully fledged duo with boyfriend Dennis Mielke (guitarist, keyboardist and drummer). Following the release of their debut EP Embassy Court, the band have signed with Dalliance Recordings and plan to release their second EP Liminality.

Phthonus is the first example of Sloe Noon's new material, a mellow, yet grungy shoegazer which finds the band in very strong songwriting form.

Anna comments on the new track: “Phthonus is my honest attempt at reflecting the turmoil of feeling envious of people you don’t want to begrudge - Exploring the mechanism, seeing through its’ game, to eventually scream it out and exorcise it. As I was writing the lyrics I found myself relating to Winston in Orwell’s 1984, who in a moment of sudden disillusion realises: 'Oh, how small I always was.' I felt like I was the tiny pale blue dot on the photo taken of planet earth by Voyager 1 space probe. The contrasting instrumentation of the parts underlines the rift between that unwanted sour brawl of anger in your gut with the desire to take it gracefully and be above it.

Photo by Fabian Schwarze

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