Low Hummer: Panic Calls

With a smart and sarcastic approach, similar in nature of their usual songwriting style, Low Hummer deliver their new standalone single, Panic Calls, produced by Matt Peel (W.H. Lung, Eagulls).

Panic Calls, featuring solid guitars and fascinating synthesizers, makes reference to the futility of mental health services by imitating generic, automated crisis line answer machines. It's a piece that expresses the band's obvious sophistication while also sounding moderately aggressive. Following the similar atmosphere of the band's recent album, Modern Tricks For Living, the new single showcases more of their hectic post punk sound. 

The band's statement reads: “There was a sort of conversation floating in the air that inspired the lyrics of Panic Calls. Dan and I wrote as though we were trying to ring crisis lines; the discourse of the song shifts between us trying to explain our feelings, then always being met with generic, automated responses. The intention was to sort of mirror the futility of mental health support, and, hopefully, show how relatable that issue is.

Band photo courtesy of Dance to the Radio

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