Lotus Thrones: Aphelion

Lotus Thrones collaborates once more with Bruce Lamont of Yakuza to create a lengthy piece of beautiful experimentation, bringing forth a blend of dark, noir-style jazz explorations with post metal and expansive ambiance.

Aphelion is a track from Lotus Thrones' latest EP Solaris, a three-track offering that pushes the project's boundaries and exemplifies Heath Rave's restless and peculiar approach to composition.

Aphelion is a perfectly sorrowful piece, with the haunting sax taking center stage, and the minimalistic backdrop and ambient soundscape made from synths, noises, and guitars, all working together effectively to create an exquisite and consistently riveting number. Nine and a half minutes of pure intrigue indicate that Lotus Thrones will constantly be full of unexpected twists and unpredictability.

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