Kodaclips: Drowning Tree

Kodaclips are a shoegaze/alternative rock band whose members come from a different artistic backgrounds, varying from psychedelia and progressive rock to stoner rock and more, with their own sound implementing nineties vibes and dreamy atmospheres to an overall hypnotizing and alluring blend. 

Kodaclips formed in 2021 and have served as the opening act for A Place to Bury Strangers' Italian shows. Glances, their debut album, was recently released by Overdub Recordings.

The band's songwriting, the melodicism of their sound and general creative approach are largely inspired by the second wave of shoegaze, particularly the italogaze scene.

Drowning Tree is an artistic, progressive shoegazer, and an album standout which presents both a light and a dark side of the band's music. It begins gently and moodily, but its layers of reverb and distortion come to give rise to an almost unnerving conclusion. The drowning tree is an analogy for feeling helpless in the face of dishonest human relationships where only appearances matter and substance is practically unattainable.

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