Croptop: Eunice

Excellent, raw post punk and garage rock comes from new band Croptop, a three piece based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from the mundanity of everyday life for their lyrical subjects, the band emerge with a direct, yet rough sound based on edgy guitars, solid rhythms and truthful vocals, delivered by turns by guitarist Sjoerd Nieuwkoop, bassist Danny Walker and drummer Maud Sztern. 

Eunice, the first track on Croptop's new EP, Pick a Side, is a frenzy as powerful as the storm from which it takes its name. On the lyrical front, guitarist Sjoerd Nieuwkoop reflects on a brief moment of calm during a storm, when life comes to a halt, while musically the track is a wonderful reinterpretation of eighties post punk values.

Pick a Side is out through Geertruida.

Band photo courtesy of Geertruida

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