Ace of Wands: Desiring You

Toronto-based-band, Ace of Wands, formed in 2017 around musician Lee Rose to reflect a consequential time frame of mental illness. The band investigate the definition of dream rock through an intricate compositional style and additional soundscapes.

Beginning in a loud and explosive manner, the new single, Desiring You, exemplifies the sentimental fury and overall creative direction of the band's music. 

While poignant vocals observe the frustration of what it means to crave something hurtful, effective heavy guitars steadily evolve into oscillating dreampop harmonic overtones.

Lee's toxic relationship and the habit forming and sometimes dangerous nature of desperately wanting what was not good for her inspired the song. The artist's coping mechanism was to convert to music the feelings of being completely invisible to the person with whom she most desired to be. 

Ace of Wands’ sophomore album, Desiring, will be released on March 31, 2023 via Fortune Stellar Records.

Band photo courtesy of Auteur Research

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