Sugar Horse: Disco Loadout

Always pushing forward with new ideas, UK's Sugar Horse prepare for the release of their impending collaborative EP, Waterloo Teeth, which will be released October 28th, 2022 through Small Pond. First example, Disco Loadout includes members of Heriot and Mclusky/St Pierre Snake Invasion, and hits hard with its surprising brevity and overall unconventionality.

Sugar Horse comment on Disco Loadout: "This song is more of a comedic idea, than it is actual music. This song is all about rhythm, so the guitar and bass parts are either playing all open strings at once, or muting every string at once. On top of that all strings were tuned to entirely random notes, so it’s just complete dissonance. The title comes from playing a show just before a club-night is about to begin and how quickly you have to remove all your gear from the stage."

Heriot's Debbie Gough adds: "Sugar Horse are a band I’ve always enjoyed going to watch after having first played with them in 2017! I’m very honoured to be on their track Disco Loadout from this EP and it’s fantastic to see lots of other friends on the track list too!"

The EP was recorded at Small Pond Studios during the Christmas break, and the opening track, Disco Loadout, finds the band at their shortest and most discordant.

Mclusky/St Pierre Snake Invasion's Damien Sayell comments: "Sugar Horse are heavy metal for people who don't watch wrestling."

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