Mouth Of God: TENDER

Mouth of God are an industrial/techno act from Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NY, composed of J. Thompson of Child of Night and M. Seeley of Nuxx Vomica. The dark and obscure piece TENDER is their first single released via Phage Tapes.

Thompson and Seeley wrote and recorded TENDER after deciding to collaborate over the pandemic. Their first recordings, coming from a split with D.A.R.T. (Direct Action Response Team), were recently released  on limited twelve-inch vinyl by Midwestern industrial powerhouse label Phage Tapes.

TENDER is the record's first single, and it features M. Seeley's abrasive screams and alluring cries, layered over a warehouse-ready techno support, resulting in something raw and acerbic with an intensity which borders on pure fearfulness and nightmare.

Mouth Of God Bandcamp | Spotify

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