Milly: Marcy

Los Angeles shoegaze/lo-fi rockers, Milly, have released Marcy, the third track from their upcoming debut album, Eternal Ring, which will be released on September 30th, 2022 via indie label Dangerbird Records.

It started off with me learning how to play Trigger Cut by Pavement and I just stayed in that tuning”, explains songwriter Brendan Dyer. “The guitar playing and overall feel is loosely inspired by Seam’s You’re Driving Me Crazy record and there’s definitely some Malkmus worship. Maybe some Sebadoh too. Living in LA can make you easily jaded for all the scenesters you run into at godforsaken bars and I was just tryna take the piss out on all the punishing conversations I've had to have. It’s LA and everyone is a smart guy (including myself, maybe).

Marcy exhibits a special affinity for lo-fi slacker rock, and it's a pretty song which exemplifies the band's propulsive and emotional art form, as well as their greater nineties rock propensity.

Photo by Niamh Hannigan
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