Heaven Slept: Ether

Heaven Slept, a new guitar-driven alternative rock band from South Georgia, has released a steaming two-song EP. Ether is a selection of two of the band's seven songs recorded this summer, and it's a good showcase of their sound, laying out both their shoegaze and post punk factors.

Ether is a dark, moody, and overall imposing post punk number with a significantly heavy sound which twists the band's Joy Division-esque properties into something heftier and more expansive. Her/She Kisses, on the other hand, goes in a quirkier lo-fi direction and comes across as something memorable and refined in its beautiful, gazey grittiness.

Weston Rogers (bass, vocals), Alan Sifuentes (drums, vocals), and Anna Taylor (guitar, vocals) make up Heaven Slept. More from their early recordings are expected to be unearthed very soon.

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