Gorr: Gje Han Ægirs Døtre

A new champion of Norwegian black metal comes in the form of an enigmatic project, originating and drawing inspiration from the Island Gossen, West of Molde. Tolv I Talet, the five-track album by Gorr is definitely an unconventional listen which carries its black metal heritage with absolute pride.

On their latest offering Gorr seem to be departing from the direct black metal sound of their earlier material to incorporate elements of death and doom metal, resulting a sound which feels more experiential, and a bit more intricate, while the lyrical influence comes mainly from old Norse mythology and nature.

Tolv I Talet presents a disparity of pace and moods, seamlessly moving from more measured to hectic rates of speed, with an overarching sense of murkiness and darkness covering its entirety. Rough, yet sharp on the instrumental front, pretty straightforward and refined as a production, and prominently expressive vocally,  Tolv I Talet is an EP that demands attention, with tracks like the immersive Gje Han Ægirs Døtre exemplifying its dark attraction. 

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