Devilish Dear: Evidence

Centered around the songwriting of musician Braulio Almeida, Brazilian shoegaze band Devilish Dear, prepare for the release of their long in the making second album, Army of Nothing. Following the very good reception of their debut offering These Sunny Days in 2015, the band composed of Almeida alongside RĂ´mulo Collopy (bass) and Shelly Modesto (vocals) are back with another set of psychedelic shoegaze expertise.

Evidence is Devilish Dear's first single and a prime example of their strong immersion in the world of shoegaze, as well as a piece that demonstrates their intense craftsmanship. After overcoming numerous challenges while creating their new album, the band will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign to press their new full-length on vinyl.

Evidence obviously possesses strong psychedelic and hazy shoegaze qualities, and it comes with a video of similar artistic obscurity.

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