Viserion: Reborn in Darkness

Reborn in Darkness is the first new offering from Queens, New York band, Viserion, since their album, Natural Selection, from 2021. The song comes though a traditional and raw black metal perspective which morphs into other extreme metal influences in a creative and vigorous manner. Death metal, grindcore, and progressive metal, blend pristinely with the black metal roughness of the music's basis, and provide a violent and imposing outcome.

The band explain: “Reborn in Darkness is a story about rebirth, inspired by the character Oryx from Destiny. Oryx goes through transformations and becomes more powerful with each. This motif stood out to us particularly due to our own lineup changes. The instrumentation of the song was very raw and brutal as well, mirroring Oryx‘s campaign of destruction against the light.

An amplitude of piercing vocals and intense instrumentals coalesce into a haunting expression of savagery and destruction, wrapped in a harrowing atmosphere.

Bnad photo courtesy of Viserion


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