Treemer: Ordinary

From the ashes of nineties indie rockers, The Pansies, Finnish band, Treemer, emerge with Ordinary, the first single and opening track from their forthcoming mini LP, Septembre, out later in 2022.

Indie rock and dreampop staples like House of Love, Pale Saints, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and Lush definitely come to mind as good comparisons to the sweet and dreamy sound that Treemer have to offer, mingled with a sort of an eerie and otherworldly/Lynchian feel. A mellow and mesmerizing atmosphere is created by the song's simple beat, electric bass, unadorned vocals, haunting melodies with layered guitars, and overall excellent production.

Ordinary is a song that elevates normal tasks and daily routines into an unequaled piece of elegance and intrigue.

Band photo by David O’Weger


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