Split Image: Justified Suicide

A hefty dose of crossover hardcore comes from Murrieta, CA band, Split Image, who come up with a pretty impressive, headbanging sound and style, citing inspiration from bands like Excel, Forced Entry, Pantera, Death, Suicidal Tendencies, CIV, Disrupt and Tragedy.

Torrent of Illusion, the band's debut EP, combines the density of metal with the gritty, forceful electricity of hardcore punk, ultimately producing a pretty substantial sound. Split Image deliver something firmly planted in the intensity of old school thrash while retaining the ageless qualities of their sound alive and recognized.

Torrent of Illusion creates a great impact as a whole, leaving a significant mark with its instrumental forcefulness, the tough and bold vocals, as well as the forceful lyrical topics regarding mental health. Justified Suicide is a hard hitting track that perfectly represents the band's sound.

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