Donzii: Fun

Miami’s Donzii will be releasing their debut album Fishbowl on Grey Market Records in the fall of 2022, and the energizing track, Fun, is the latest single off it, arriving with a fun accompanying video.

Recorded by Shaun Durkan and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht, Fun skillfully merges a vivid post punk tune with the typical irregularity found in all of Donzii's releases, while the no wave properties are once again present and noticeable.

The band's own Jenna Balfe explains: “The message of Fun is that life indeed can be hard, but somehow we have to find a way to have joy. I mean that in a way that takes into account the unbearable hardships that many many people face. It is the intention of the human spirit to overcome and find a way to laugh, Conversely, I also mean it to inspire one to laugh at the sort of pressure or 'toxic positivity' that we see all the time on social media for example.

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