Afsind: Tortur

Afsind is a Danish black metal band from Copenhagen. S and O created the group in 2012 with the intention of including some fresh and challenging aspects, and result to a different take on black metal. With the addition of M in 2016, the band's current lineup was finalized.  Afsind's self-titled first album, was recorded in the winter of 2020/2021 and published through Vendetta Records.

Afsind are mostly inspired by black metal, although they incorporate influences from other genres. The band includes members from Saxtorph, Tugt (session members), ex-Cryosphere, ex-Genfaerd, ex-Infernal Death, ex-Myrd, ex-Ravnesort and ex-Vardlokkur.

Asfind generate a rather piercing and melodic extreme metal sound, persistent, emotionally powerful, and gloomy, with the dark regions of the human psyche as the lyrical topic. Tortur is a forceful listen, but it also contains nuanced atmospheric elements which envelop the mind in despondency, and provide a really fascinating antithesis.

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