Vision Video: Promises

Athens, GA dark post punks/goth rockers, Vision Video, release their new single, Promises, off their sophomore full length, Haunted Hours, following on from the recent Beautiful Day To Die.

With their dark songwriting approach intact, and their post punk sound produced to perfection, the band this time focuses heavily on the political component of their lyricism. Dusty Gannon, the band's songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, has served one tour of Afghanistan in the US Army. The artist describes the new single as “a bitter and angry track about the state of affairs in the United States. I wanted to conjure up imagery of the religious oligarchy that our government is becoming.

Gannon continues: “I was thinking a lot about the disconnect between the religious who often preach acceptance and unconditional love, and how there was so much hatred and contempt for people protesting for things like the BLM movement. It seemed very distorted and incongruous to me. I feel like the past several years has given rise to a very vocal and politically motivated evangelical christian enclave that is rising in visibility. This song is sort of a character examination of that mindset.

Haunted Hours will be out on October 11th, 2022.

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