Totally Slow: Acid Rain

Acid Rain is an original track by North Carolina punk rockers, Totally Slow, originally recorded for their first, eponymous album which came out in 2013. The track has earned its fair share of popularity at the time, yet, on the back of their lineup and overall vibe changing significantly over the years, the band thought it would be interesting to revisit it.

Acid Rain was also included in Come Hell or High Water, a compilation for transgender kids in Texas. The new version of the song retains the original's brightness and pop punk fire, but its more refined production gives it a bit more depth. At the same time, the band appears equally eager and energetic in revisiting the song so many years later, demonstrating not just trust in their own content, but also creative traits which survive the test of time.

Totally Slow are currently working on their next full length. 

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