The Pleasure Majenta: Gardens

Often known as ‘The Pleasure’, The Pleasure Majenta is a South Pacific psychedelic noise rock act from New Zealand, currently residing in Berlin. The band's sound is a potent mix of dark Americana-infused writing style and industrial throbbing rhythms.

Gardens is the third video and closing track from Pleasure Majenta's new album Looming, the Spindle, which has been released digitally via Dedstrange on July 15th, 2022.

One of the most artistic music videos of recent times, the film offers a cinematic experience, delivering a lone shadow which wanders along a pier, surrounded by ocean. Glimpses of a shadowy form adorn their solitude with the anxiety of promise and the never-ending possibility of transformation.

Anna Winslow shot, directed, and edited the clip: "A collage of scenes from Porto, Los Angeles, and Berlin, these images fixate on the loneliness before new growth and on dreams and memories that come to us in isolation, an emotional winter before the abundance of springtime, like a garden still frosted over but with every flower furled and hiding beneath the earth."

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