The Fierce And The Dead: Golden Thread

The Fierce And The Dead began in London in 2010, combining elements of psychedelic rock, heavy metal, post rock, progressive rock, and shoegaze among other styles. They've performed alongside with Hawkwind, Big Business, Dave Lombardo, Crippled Black Phoenix, Evil Blizzard, and Monkey 3, and have three studio albums, four EPs, and three live albums to their credit. 

Golden Thread is the band's new single and part of their upcoming album, News From The Invisible World, and it features vocals from bassist Kevin Feazey.

In a quite wild and fascinating heavy rock output, the band combines massive riffs of shoegaze, metal, and stoner rock properties, all enveloped in a progressive structure to create an engaging and hard hitting piece.

The Fierce And The Dead are Kevin Feazey (vocals, bass, keys), Matt Stevens (guitar, keys), Steve Cleaton (guitar, keys, vocals) and Stuart Marshall (Drums).

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