Modern Rituals: Scummeth

London band, Modern Rituals return with the announcement of their third album, Cracking Of The Bulk, introduced by the first single, Scummeth. The full length is scheduled to come out on September 30th, 2022 through God Unknown Records.

Modern Rituals take their grungy noise rock to a more delicate direction this time around, yet, the intensity is still present in their compositions, ultimately resulting in a very refined balance between darkness and brighter, more mellow moments. Scummeth is the the epitome of that beautiful contradiction, with the band delivering an endearing and immaculate outcome.

Modern Rituals describe their new single: "Scummeth is our (anti)-Christ-like figure, who represents the freedom we can find in all the places no one thinks to look; an embodiment for the discovery of beauty where no one thought to look before. Whether that is on the outskirts of town during a long, wet summer evening, with only the pigeons for company, or a lonesome stomp past abandoned factories and through soaking woods. It’s about discovering your personal freedom and relishing it, using it to find the forms of beauty that only have meaning for you."

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