WITXHES: A Part Ache

Swedish duo WITXHES arrives with a collection of raucous, experimental tracks built on an electronic framework and heavily influenced by post punk and krautrock. The band is composed of Richard Ahlgren (danmarck) and Henrik Sunbring (Domus, oplen, ex-Agent Side Grinder).

The band's sound certainly comes with a dark disposition as the frenetic single A Part Ache plainly illustrates, yet, there are elements of more divergent forms such as trip hop and extreme metal. A Part Ache is an aggressive, dark, and distinctive piece, demonstrating the band's prowess in genre blending and compelling songwriting.

A Part Ache is from WITXHES' debut album, Bury Your Witxhes, out on ohm2recordings. The song is accompanied by a video by Emanuel Lundgren, which is made out of historical snapshots of daily life in a South Dakota town during the Great Depression, filmed by Ivan Besse.

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