WITXHES: Beat Poet

Coming forth with a blend of avantgarde rock with experimental electronica, Swedish duo WITXHES deliver the adventurous and noisy rocker, Beat Poet, taken from their debut album, Bury your Witxhes, out on on ohm2recordings.

Beat Poet is a two-part piece, with the first being a vocal-based section and the second developing as a three-minute buildup with hypnotic arpeggios in an overall stunning outcome. It's a powerful heavy electro rock track with an industrial underpinning, and well implemented elements of trip hop, post rock, krautrock, and film music.

Richard Ahlgren (danmarck), a noise rock musician, and Henrik Sunbring (Domus, oplen, ex-Agent Side Grinder), an electronic music producer, comprise the intriguing and profound eccentricity of WITXHES.

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