Vision Video: Beautiful Day to Die

Vision Video return with the announcement of their anticipated sophomore album, Haunted Hours, and unveil the first single, the bittersweet Beautiful Day To Die, coming paired to a balmy video in which the band's goth aesthetic is juxtaposed to a sunlit scenery.

Having served two tours of Afghanistan in the Army before becoming an EMT with the Atlanta Fire Department, Vision Video's lead songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Dusty Gannon, comments on the new song:  “I wrote this track about my experiences as a paramedic and firefighter seeing a lot of death first hand, and how you become well acquainted with it in a very surreal, yet comfortable way.

It’s about how I had to become friends with the concept of mortality because I was around it so regularly. The shock of seeing bodies becomes more pedestrian, and you’re even able to see beauty in some situations; like when families come together over loss, or the stories people will tell you about the deceased.

This song is about celebrating the frailty of life. We do not get to decide how, or when we will die, but it is all the while certain. While that can be somewhat existential-dread inducing, I like to think of it as a clarion call to appreciate what time we are afforded.

With a good sense of humor and irony, Beautiful Day To Die lays out Vision Video's accessible post punk, while lyrically it comes rooted in a timeless, intriguing subject. 

Haunted Hours will be out October 11th, 2022.

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