Plague Pits: The Frozen Ground

Plague Pits is a Bern, Switzerland-based collective, coming forth with a dark and minimal sound which they describe as "disco dirges for the Anthropocene." They draw inspiration from the DIY electronic tape underground of the past, as well as groundbreaking acts like Oppenheimer Analysis and Kraftwerk, to emerge with their own originative and stirring sound.

The Frozen Ground is a piece from the band's new EP, TRANSNECROPOLITAN, which follows three well-received digital EPs released earlier this year, and it's considered by the band to be "a take on the collapse of the modernist dream of progress in the light of climate catastrophy."

Plague Pits' lyrical content reflects on society's incapacity to handle climatic crisis and people's lack of compassion for other humans and the natural environment.

When the smoke has cleared, all the stops on this journey will turn out to be dead cities, destroyed by war, climate catastrophy, and plague. All that surrounds us are the picturesque ruins of the near future.

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