Fantømex: Gaslight

Western North Carolina indie punks Fantmex emerge with their new four-song Terraformed EP, featuring the lyrically sharp and existentially conscious Gaslight, a dynamic track which showcases the band's post hardcore and math rock qualities.

Fantømex explain the song's origins: "The original, silly placeholder title for this song was "Bullshit Bluebird". Isaac, our guitarist, was woken up by a blue bird one morning, after which he wrote the dissonant intro to this song, thinking 'what would scare the bird away?'"

Restless and rich with female strength, Gaslight delivers a wonderful juxtaposition of mesmerizing melodicism and explosive vitality.

The band expand on the track's lyrical content: "The lyrics of the song are about a lot of things: turning 30 during a pandemic and the existential crisis that comes with that, taking responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and feelings, and trying to be 'present' in the world we live in."

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