D//E Premiere: DRAG: SOPHIE

Self-described 'coloured-in goths', Bristol's DRAG combine a distinct blue/red aesthetic with a memorable songwriting direction and a lively synthpop sound with a darker undertone.  The project is composed of Amy Crozier, an Anti-Art artist, and composer and producer Leo Braukmann-Pugsley, also going by ‘RED’ and ‘BLUE’ respectively.

SOPHIE, the new single by DRAG is a sharp and classy three-minute cut which sees the band making the most of their goth pop and post punk influences, while remaining fairly hooky and inviting. The song is accompanied with a fresh, visually impressive, and well-crafted video that highlights the duo's tasteful and delightful stylings.

The video for SOPHIE was filmed and edited by SPICE FILMS, and it serves as a wonderful complement to the dark crooning vocal, DRAG's lush and vivid instrumentals, as well as their super crisp production.

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