Black Pope: Demon Stomp // Video

Bringer of a hard hitting, traditional-based and horror-themed type of timeless rock 'n' roll, Irish musician Black Pope released the sharp rocker, Demon Stomp almost one year ago. The song is now being paired to a very creative and super fun animated video, written, directed and animated by the artist himself, with backgrounds by Tony Clifford.

The clip depicts a coming-of-age narrative in the context of demonic possession in a small town. Despite the video's dark humour and graphic images, its creator has characterized it as a very personal work.

Black Pope explains: “One of the things people say about the possession genre is that it’s either a subconscious or conscious allegory for men coming to terms with women’s sexuality. I wrote the song when I was around 18 so I’m sure there was an element of that, but I doubled down on it when working on the video to turn it into a Black Pope origin story.

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