Yama Uba: Laura b​/​w Isolation

Yama Uba is an Oakland, California-based deathrock/darkwave duo composed of Akiko Sampson (Ötzi) on vocals, synth and bass, and Winter Zora (Mystic Priestess, Ötzi) on guitar and vocals. The band has just released their new two-song EP, Laura b / w Isolation, which combines their post punk, darkwave, and all-around goth sound into one coherent dark whole.

While Laura is a more direct and dynamic deathrocker with propulsive rhythms and classic goth rock properties, Isolation appears to be taking a more atmospheric post punk direction with no wave and experimental aspects.

Yama Uba's approaches fluctuate between a rawer sound and dreamy components which are deftly thrown in for good measure, resulting in something consistently multileveled, while remaining true to a beautiful gloomy aesthetic.

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