Shady Baby: Come To Life

Nice Swan Records continue with their "...Introduces..." series with the signing of Brighton-based indie rockers, Shady Baby, who emerge with a spirited, guitar-driven sound and a songwriting approach which derives from a Britpop foundation.

Led by musician, Sam Leaver, Shady Baby mention influences from Madchester, Britpop, and the work of John Cooper Clarke, and their first single is a super sharp endeavor produced by Theo Verney (English Teacher, FEET, FUR, Egyptian Blue, TRAAMS).

During lockdown, while confined in his bedroom, Leaver penned and recorded his first recordings, which were based on feelings of anger and despair, and presented them to Verney, with whom he eventually formed a solid musical connection.

Leaver remarks: “Come To Life is an angry response to feeling like people treated you like shit but you let them get away with it. Feeling both angry at them but also at yourself for letting it happen.

Shady Baby are: Sam Leaver (vocals, guitar), Laurie Debnam (guitar), Nick Varnava (bass) and Tom Jackson (drums).

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