Rare DM: Naomi

Rare DM continues the outstanding progression of a honed, darkened synthpop sound. Naomi, the artist's new offering, follows on from the successful previous singles, send nudes and Rolex, and sees the artist venturing into more experimental EBM and art pop regions, with a darkwave core that remains constantly anchored.

Rare DM unfolds: "I wrote this dance-y song in my studio with hardware gear such as juno 60, machinedrum and synare. It’s about the best friend they tell you not to worry about. My ex say he and Naomi were 'psychically connected' and got weird texts from her like 'omg I just came for five minutes' hence the lyrics 'your psychic connection you know everytime that she comes.'"

Rare DM is Erin Hoagg, a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who explores relationships, heartbreaks, as well as other experiences to create intimate and passionate well rounded art.

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