Old Coke: Bottle

Old Coke began as a bedroom project in 2019, bringing forth a sound that is focused on massive guitars and all around hefty instrumentals, drawing from noise rock, dynamic punk and metal. Since their inception, the band have refined its sound style even further, and demonstrate their craft on their recent, independently released debut EP, Sorted.

Gritty, somber vocals complement the huge guitars and overall imposing, metal-tinged instrumentals, bringing forth a distinct kind of heaviness which places the band at the much weightier side of the shoegaze spectrum. EP opener, Bottle, illustrates the band's heavy rock individuality as well as their borderline thrash metal propensities.

Old Coke collaborated and recorded with producer, Joe Gac who's also the bassist of the Chicago noise rock band Meat Wave .

Old Coke are Ethan Toenjes (drums), Eddy Garcia (bass) and Christopher Ruiz (guitars, vocals).

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