De Arma: Shame Drifter

Swedish dark synthpop stalwarts, De Arma, return two years after their album, Strayed in Shadows, with new EP Nightcall, exploring more of their goth-bent genre mixture which they've been developing since their inception in 2009.

Shame Drifter is the six-minute opening number which combines the group's melodicism with their experimental leanings, conveying the sound and spirit of the eighties synthpop elite as well as the powerful impact the genre continues to have presently through some of underground music's finest, including Drab Majesty, Actors, and others.

The band comment: "The strong influences we’ve drawn from the 80s truly shine through on this song. Another development which soon becomes apparent is that the foremost difference between this EP and Strayed in Shadows lies in the percussion. Instead of an acoustic drum kit, we’ve been experimenting with some old-school drum samples courtesy of Roland and Korg. As for the thematic content – the title pretty much speaks for itself. Shame Drifter is about being trapped in a lonesome existence with guilt and remorse as your only company."

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